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Published 4 years ago by kxh with 2 Comments

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  • AdelleChattre (edited 4 years ago)

    China could become the dominant trading power in Asia? Oh noes! Because when in human history has that ever been the case?

    All we have to do to prevent this* is sign an irrevocable pact** in which we make expected future profits of large, foreign entities† the single highest purpose of humanity, higher than our laws, our courts, our government, our futures and any future need‡?

    For more information about this absurdly bad deal, see here. Take your time reading up on it, it won't be forced through until immediately after the election.

    * TPP will in no way hinder China from achieving their historical dominance as a trading power.

    ** TPP as written is intended to be a ‘living’ agreement. You know, like kaiju, Mothra or Godzilla.

    † Think triads, Exxon, ruthless multinational corporations, really anyone that can afford the grossly corrupt, quasijudicial arbitration process that will forever after oversee the signatories’ laws, regulations and ways of life down to the smallest detail.

    ‡ Think of every excess from which profits have ever been made, from slavery and dangerously unclean food unfit for human consumption right along to outright extortion for imaginary profits impinged by theorized slights, all of which will then have binding, enforceable precedence as ‘trade’ over any law, regulation or policy decision.

    • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 4 years ago)

      If it's OK with Clinton/Obama then it's good enough for me! Clinton's integrity is beyond question, and Trumps against it, all that needs said.


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