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Published 8 years ago by kvistr with 3 Comments

Yggdrasil - Headfoam Jack



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  • Saffire

    Wow, this is so good. I'd never heard of Yggdrasil until just now but I'm glad I just did :) You're spot on when you say it's "Shpongleish", he' s one of my favorite artists and this song definitely sounds similar to some of my favorite songs by him. I'll definitely be checking out more of Yggdrasil, got any more Shpongleish suggestions from him? Or any other artist, for that matter?

    • kvistr (edited 7 years ago)

      Glad you like it!

      Unfortunately, Yggdrasil only released one album (Prose Edda). The whole album is great, and definitely worth checking out if you enjoy this tune. They did however release another album under a different group name (Kurbeats), but this one is more "upbeat psybient meets nordic folk music", which may or may not be your cup of tea. ;)

      As far as other suggestions, be sure to check out the Celtic Cross album (Hicksville). It's made by a trio of Simon Posford (the main Sphongle guy), Martin Glover (of The Orb fame), and Saul Davis. It's a bit darker, and much more ambient-like than Shpongle (which is usually fairly up-beat), but it's a great album. Other artists such as Union Jack, The Infinity Project, and Entheogenic also has a certain Sphongle-character to them.

      Also check out the other electronic submissions here on /t/psy - those marked anything but "rock". While some of it is more on the ambient things, there are other tracks more similar to this one. :)

      • Saffire

        Wow, thanks for the all the suggestions! I actually found the full Prose Edda album on Youtube soon after I heard the track you posted and bookmarked it for later listening. I can hardly wait until I get home to my sound system so I can really hear it :D I also came across the name Kurbeats in my search and almost marked it down but I've never really been a folk kind of guy so I left it. I might still check them out if I absolutely fall in love with Prose Edda. The rest of the artists I haven't heard of yet either so I'll definitely give them all a go when I get home as well.

        Thanks again, you rock!

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