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Published 8 years ago by jonthecyclist with 3 Comments

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  • jrmy

    With the new upgrade system I think these will become more popular. We have a yearly "training race" series around me that has done wonders to get people racing.

    • jonthecyclist

      Would you say it's worth upgrading even if you haven't won a cat5 race?

      • jrmy (edited 8 years ago)

        I would say without a doubt yes. Cat 5 really just means inexperienced, not stronger/faster. The performance tiers actually start at Cat 4. That's why the Cat 5 upgrade is just finishing 10 mass start races.

        Another advantage of moving to Cat 4 is that your competition will actually be more level on performance. Cat 5 will have anyone from someone that should be a Cat 1/2 to people that will just hang on in Cat 4. This causes the races to be less than enjoyable.

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