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3 Steps to Setting Up a Money-Making Home-Based Business Online

Blogging is "hot" right? And yet there are so many online businesses today being ruined because of the blog.

  • Is Blogging Ruining

    Your new home-based business is sitting there in all those books, tapes and courses that are up there on your bookshelf or maybe in your closet. You just can't seem to find the time to open any of them.

    So what do you do?

    Well you've seen several new courses from big name and very successful gurus that really do look like they have the answers this time. So you buy one or two of these courses and feel relieved that you have at least taken one step towards getting your business started.

    OK. So we've all done the same thing. Even the successful gurus have accumulated thousands of dollars worth of information that they are now willing to share with you for a price.

    The problem is that every time you seek yet more information, you perpetuate a bad habit and drain your savings. So let's see if we can break this cycle and discover a few truths that will keep you on the path to success.

    Since we are all different people with different ways of doing things, it really doesn't matter what guru A, B or C has done or how he/she reached their level of success. Because, it is almost certain that even if you had a stack of DVDs with step-by-step instructions on what each guru did to achieve success, you would not be able to do the same thing in exactly the same way. Your results will be uniquely yours no matter whose advice you are following. And, without a doubt, you will not come close to duplicating the results of either guru A, B or C.

    So Step One is to start small and stay focused. That way you won't go broke before you even get started! Pick a business that costs $10/month (or $20-$25/month if you can afford it) to join. That way, even if it takes six months or maybe two years to figure out how to profitably promote your business, it won't negatively affect your current lifestyle.

    Step Two is to join and learn how to use FREE methods to promote your business: social networking ezine articles blogs, podcasts and videos In order to get started with Step Two, you're going to need a few things: domain name email account FREE accounts at social networking sites. FREE accounts at ezine article submission services FREE accounts at at blogging sites. FREE account at video hosting sites. You need your own domain name for example, 'http://www.fillintheblank.com' because it looks much more professional and inviting to prospects than '[http://www.companyX.com/yourID].' Where companyX is the company you joined and ID is the number they gave you when you joined.

    There are several online services where you can get a domain name. They will check to make sure the name you pick isn't already taken. Then they will let you leave that domain name parked with them for usually less than $10/yr. This is all you need to get started. You do not need to get involved with building web pages yet.

    Once you have your domain name registered, you can log into your account, find the domain name you registered, then click on the forward tab. You will be requested to fill in the URL (web site address) that prospects will be taken to when they click on the domain name you just registered.

    For example, you chose to register the name 'http://www.fillintheblank.com' and you chose to forward it to '[http://www.companyX.com/yourID]' (your affiliate website of the company you are promoting). Now every time someone clicks on your link ('http://www.fillintheblank.com') they will be taken to your affiliate web site of companyX. By doing this, you don't need your own web site. You can use the company's site and use whatever domain name you register as a link in your email signatures, ezine article resource boxes and blog posts. Then, whenever prospects click on the link, they will be taken to your affiliate web site for company X. If they like what they see at that web site, they will join you and you will be on your way to internet online business success.

    The social networking, blogging and video sites are fairly easy to use after you follow their tutorials. So there is no need to purchase any of the many courses that claim to really optimize your results. For the same reason, I suggest that you don't go out and purchase video cameras or subscribe to video services that allow you to embed your videos onto your websites.

    You can start video marketing for FREE. If you are happy with the quality of videos you get from your cell phone or other device that you currently own. You can record new marketing videos for whatever $10 to $30/month business you are promoting and save them to your FREE video hosting account and then link to them in your email marketing.

    After all we are trying to break that money-spending cycle aren't we?

    Step Three is the most important step of all!.

    Take Action!

    Find that $10-$30/month business. Get the things you need and TAKE ACTION (that's the best way to learn).


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