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Published 3 years ago with 5 Comments

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  • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 years ago)

    To be real,

    neither Medicare nor Social Security in their current form, can be afforded by the American taxpayer in the near, much less distant future.

    • AdelleChattre

      Seven trillion here for wars of unprovoked aggression, and sixteen trillion there to make bankers whole after the casino goes bust, it all adds up but that’s fine though?

      As much as you insist you know better, Social Security’s solvent. When, in one or two years the interest on Treasuries no longer makes up for the cash flow imbalance, it’ll be long since past time to raise the cap on income that’s subject to Social Security withholding. Which may inconvenience the very richest Americans, but in case you haven’t noticed there are fewer and fewer rich folks to mind. Are you going to have trouble putting beans on the table if the cap nudges past $100,000 per year?

      We can’t afford Medicare? You mean the Medicare that self-righteous pinheads like Ayn Rand often as not end up on, flat on their backs dying in hospital rooms provided at the state’s expense, the last of their ‘entitlement benefit’ painkillers snaking up their arms from their IVs? That Medicare? Just as sure as the mother of Objectivism gladly took hers, this country needs Medicare. Decency itself needs there to be Medicare.

      We can’t afford not to have Medicare. What needs to happen is to scrap RomneyCare and build on Medicare. We need Medicare for All. Medicare that provides health care without layers of for-profit health insurers, without pharmaceutical trust restrictions on negotiating fair prices for medicine, without two-faced ‘Takers’ like Rep. Ryan, who got through school and college on his late father’s Social Security benefits, grifting and slashing at the earliest opportunity.

      The fact is these programs are what money’s for.

      • jcscher (edited 3 years ago)

        /u/AdelleChattre The best comment I have seen in a long time.

        • AdelleChattre (edited 3 years ago)

          That’s nice of you to say. Especially after I got awkward to be around during the World Series. Let’s do it again next year with the ‘Miracle’ Mets and all the other new pipelines!

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