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Published 4 years ago with 4 Comments

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  • redalastor

    Quebec gets it right, people have always been fine eating next to cats.

    Except for the allergic ones but they should avoid the place to begin with.

    My favourite café in Montreal has a dog that the owner is socialising so he can be trained to serve a blind person. It makes the place more fun to be around.

  • Triseult

    Man, leave it to Canada to over-regulate stuff like this. Cat cafés have existed for years in places like Japan and Korea, and there's absolutely no need to prevent the cats from walking around the dining area... How many millions of people have cats in their cooking or dining area already?

    I mean, what about humans in my dining area? Those critters can contaminate your meal in no time!

    All that being said, I visited quite a few cat cafés in South Korea and I love the concept. It's very pleasant to hang out with cats as you're enjoying a hot drink. One of them in Gwangju (I think) had a Sphinx, and I always wanted to pet one... Finally got to do it and I remember it still.

    • redalastor

      Did you visit the one in Montreal? :)

      • Triseult

        Alas, no! Which is silly, I was in Montreal for two months this summer...

        I followed their opening pretty closely, though, as I was really excited to see the concept brought to Canada... They seem to be doing really good work with the cats, and it's a nice space in a nice area. One big difference I noticed with Asian cat cafés is that they have rescue cats instead of mostly purebreds in Asia, which I think is really cool of them. It's nice seeing different breeds in Asian cat cafés, but it's cooler to know you're encouraging a commerce that saves feline lives.

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