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Published 8 years ago by jcscher with 9 Comments
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  • nerp

    Where will this money go? Shouldn't it be returned to the customers who were shortchanged?

    • jcscher (edited 8 years ago)

      I hope so,but we will see. If you see any news about that please post as a related link or as your own snap. Thanks! From the article: "The hefty fine by the FCC comes on the heels of a federal lawsuit filed against the company last fall. The Federal Trade Commission, which enforces rules against deceptive advertising, said it wants to refund customers who were offered the unlimited data packages, only to be given slower data speeds than advertised. That lawsuit is still working its way through a federal court in California."

    • manix

      Right. This is America we're talking about. It will go missing.

  • NinjaKlaus

    While this is a lot of money it's only about 10% of their yearly net income, a major hit of 25-40% would have been a major way to let them know this is not acceptable and the FCC means business. Of course with net neutrality they really can't pull this anymore can they?

    • rawlings

      It's basically a slap on the wrist

    • nxthesky

      Being from the U.S. and having lived in different places around the world (China, Hong Kong, UK), I have to say that the US mobile phone situation is the worst. Fees are extraordinarily expensive compared to everywhere else, options are incredibly limited, and contracts are not the norm in any other country I've lived. This is clearly one of those situations where government regulation has failed and will continue to as long as the relationship between the FCC and government is not fixed.

    • jcscher

      I hope not, but we need to keep an eye on this and see where it is going.

  • messi

    They all do this. Every single mobile phone provider. The US is the only country where mobile phone providers charge high prices for bandwidth usage for data.

  • Chubros

    I wish it was more. Those telecom corporations are fucking evil.

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