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  • I'm trying something a little different with the structure of ordering things! Right now, all of the new items are only available in the kit - as time passes, I'll be adding things individually, but I thought this would be a good way for people to see what all goes into things.

    I tried to put as much info into the description as I could, but if I'm missing anything, or things are unclear, let me know here, and I'll explain/make changes!

    I've been shipping out a bunch of orders recently, and trying to get caught-up to the 3 week mark, and lowering shipping times for in-stock parts to 1 week. This will be possible in part to the new office (pics once I get everything organised), but also to having some help shipping things in the future!

    New episode of Board Makers will be available this afternoon - we're looking at releasing it every Monday morning, but time constraints made that hard this week.


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