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Published 3 years ago with 5 Comments

In Colorado, police can stop you for driving high

Marijuana may be legal in Colorado but driving under the influence of weed isn't. See what happens during a marijuana DUI traffic stop.


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  • redalastor

    The opposite would have been surprising.

    We also give DUI in Quebec and cops are trained for it too. And the SAAQ (our DMV) advertises this fact.

    • imokruok

      In the US, at least in the northeast, the local media advises the public of dui "roadblocks" a few days prior and only with the intention of getting the drunks. Bud is decriminalized in Massachusetts and for the most part, there's no hassle, if you aren't driving stupid but i'm sure they could do something if you're toking behind the wheel and killing pedestrians or speeding and not using your directional. We have a big heroin in these parts so they're mostly looking for that. and guns.

      • redalastor

        Ideally, you'd avoid driving while stoned without the cops threatening you with a DUI simply because it's irresponsible as fuck.

        Behind the wheel, reflexes are not optional.

        • fractal

          That is very sound advice. Over here you don't get that privilege. You get cotton swabbed, and because cannabinoids can be present in the saliva for a very long time, you can give positive while not being high. 6 license points and 500 euro, and you cannot drive the vehicle until the test comes clear.

          • redalastor

            I wasn't sure which it was here so I checked. It's a federal law passed in 2008 and the cops have the option of saliva, urine, or blood.

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