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Published 5 years ago by ilyas with 2 Comments

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  • nomadtoltec

    Putin is getting ready to invade Ukraine and they are discussing not inviting him to the summit. You have got to love the double-standard and hypocrisy of the so-called diplomacy the EU countries hold on to.

    Anyone remember Ukraine's nuclear treaty in '94?

    I want to cut through the bullshit: Ukraine signed a treaty where they gave their nuclear weapons (around 2000 warheads I think) and forfeited the right to further develop nuclear weapons in exchange for promises from Russia, Britain and the United States.

    At this point, I wouldn't blame any of these countries for not fulfilling - Russia signed the treaty saying they will never use offence in Ukraine, which they violated and the US and Britain promised some degree of military protection in case of invasion, which hasn't happened and never will - I'd just say that there is absolutely no solidarity amongst western countries at all. Ukraine should have fough for those nuclear weapons in any way possible: they should have lied - just like Putin lied - and they should have bargained.

    At this moment Ukraine is powerless. The US and Britain will not get involved. So it's everyone for himself, dog eat dog world. Economic sanctions were the equivalent of throwing a glass of cold water into the face of a thief who stole an ox, I'm really sorry to say.

    Ukraine's options are very limited: they can either desperatly try to fight, get some black market nuclear weapons fast, if that is actually possible - in the case they want to fight until the last man standing - or prepare discussing surrender.

  • nomadtoltec

    In 1994, through an accident of fate, the newly independent country of Ukraine found itself in possession of the world's third largest nuclear arsenal. At first, Ukraine planned to keep its nuclear weapons. But, at the insistence of the two strongest powers in the world -- Russia and the United States -- Ukraine agreed to give up their nukes in exchange for perpetual guarantees of sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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