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  • StarFlower

    The article argues for regulation. While this is a reasonable argument, this is based on the trust you have toward those organizations. I personally don't trust many organizations to stick to the law. I feel a sensible answer is fragmentation: don't let one organization see all your data. I don't use Google Maps for example. I don't even use Google (I use Startpage as my search engine), and I don't even use Chrome (I use Brave or Vivaldi). I fragment just about everything; I don't make most of my purchases from Amazon because they don't need to see my whole purchase history. I use other online stores too. Fragment, fragment, fragment. I often sign up with different email addresses for different services, to fragment even further. Certainly it is concerning about Facebook and Google getting hold of data, but one solution is simply not to let them get hold of all your data. Make it hard for them: use other services instead.

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