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Published 5 years ago by hyfi with 6 Comments

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  • Autumnal

    I looked it up, Match Group isn't affiliated with Match.com. I thought for sure it was going to be some sort of illicit monopoly of dating sites, but it's not. Shame.

    • the7egend

      IAC owns Match, OKCupid, Tinder and is buying PoF. It is becoming a monopoly. Match Group is under IAC.

  • sergio

    When has a consolidation of similar companies ever benefited the end user? I can't seem to recall a single instance.

    For example, when oDesk merged with Elance, nothing good came from it. Except confusion, and higher rates for the workers.

    • CDefense7

      You're probably right. However, imagine if (and it's a big if) the new technology used the best parts of all the sites and now you have 5 different sites' users all combined. Isn't it better from a dating perspective to have everyone available to you for the best match possible? Sorry I'm not being very convincing here but I think you get my point.

  • nik

    Eh, I can't see this going over so well.

  • Csellite

    Who knew hooking people up would be so profitable? I guess the date doctor is in.

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