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Published 3 years ago with 9 Comments

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  • Lievren

    Unsurprisingly local news outlets haven't mentioned this very noteworthy event at all. They've fasted for 15 days and I'm only just now hearing about it. That's as much of a shame as what they're protesting.

    • Dernhelm

      It is a shame that it isn't reported on. I am glad that my family and I stopped shopping here years ago.


    Kroger union employees earn less.

    • frohawk

      Come on, at least throw a link out there when you say stuff like that.

      If Kroger employees earn less, I would think it's because their earnings supplicated with benefits. If not, then I imagine any disgruntled union employee would go to their union to resettle pay.

      • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 years ago)

        If you wish to remain ignorant, let it be so. If you had any actual curiosity instead of "agenda" you would do your own research and find out while the UFCW wants $15/hr at Walmart they let their workers at Kroger hire in at less than $8/hr in your average wage state. Kroger and other chains are taking the page right out of Walmart and hiring part-time while purging their full-time employees esp those with any seniority that allows them to make anything near $15/hr. Learn the facts and don't doubt me, you just make yourself more of a fool............."If not, then I imagine any disgruntled union employee would go to their union to resettle pay." .... LOL,... get a clue.

        • rosellem

          That is exactly why need a national minimum of $15 an hour.

        • frohawk

          If you wish to stay ignorant, let it be so.

          No, I want to know where you're getting your facts and numbers, instead of having everyone else wallow out into the vague and huge morass which is the Internet trying to hold up your statement for you.

          Because as it stands, The only recent article I'm getting that seems similar to what you're talking about is roughly 2 years out of date, with all the cited links gone. http://economics21.org/commentary/unions-talk-don%E2%80%99t-deliver

          Also, I will doubt everything and everyone if I see fit; keeping your mouth shut just so someone doesn't call you a name seems a pointless exercise if that's the only risk.

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