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Published 2 years ago with 1 Comments

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  • sashinator (edited 2 years ago)

    Many people have wondered if the build up to VR over the last few years will lead to any money, and now we have several products where consumers are showing they’re ready to part with their cash.

    That is testimony to power of early-adopter evangelist mentality. Viability of consumer market is completely divorced from people who want latest-greatest toys at all costs, overriding all rational risk assessment. They remain as always a niche who queue first in line mostly for the sake of bragging rights about being first to get something new.

    Viability of consumer market is measured a few years after product launch. Not by level of excitability of those who have both the disposable income and the predisposition to part with their money in exchange for a risky promise opportunity to be first in their circle to own something new. A mentality which compels one to feel above everyone by virtue of ownership-before-widespread-adoption is hardly common place with general populous.

    That said - it is not clear how well VR tech will fair as a consumer electronics commodity.

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