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Published 7 years ago by hiihii with 2 Comments

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  • FistfulOfStars (edited 7 years ago)

    I was walking through the grocer just the other day, looking at the price of meat. There was a special on legs and thighs - around $4 for 12.

    That's 6 chickens worth of legs for $4 - all hatched, housed, fed, slaughtered, plucked, processed, irradiated, packaged, frozen, shipped thousands of miles, shelved... for $4.

    Frankly, it's amazing. It doesn't justify the conditions whatsoever... that's not what I'm saying at all. It's just... amazing.

    Consumer expectations are driving these conditions.

    Meanwhile I'm living on a meager country homestead, trying to teach myself what it really takes to sustain a single human life. It is mind-bogglingly energy and resource intensive. It's really unbelievable. Our ancestors were impressive specimens.

    And my research indicates that the most humane way of slaughtering a chicken is bleeding it out by slitting its throat.

    Sustaining human life is difficult enough, and cruel enough, as-is.. without adding negligent cruelty into the equation.

    • Vera

      It costs $15 to grow a chicken humanely... so to see any profit, one would have to sell for $20.

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