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Published 5 years ago by gremlin with 1 Comments

Talk: Social Democracy - New Life in an Old Idea? | Quadriga

This video fixates on the German SPD's anniversary and wonders about their future. I have attached some questions and topics of conversation below if anyone is interested.


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  • gremlin

    1. One of the commentators described Obama as a social democrat. And it seems that in this video, social democrats receive attribution/credit to many things. These two points tie together in a question: How do we attach the social democratic label to something that is actually social democratic? How can we tell that it is?

    My personal answer would be to see if it is an active and deliberate step towards evolutionary socialism.

    2. Elitism: decisions by social democrats are described as being necessary and that social democrats are doing sacrificial work that makes them unpopular. Is this true or are the commentators just making false assumptions about those politicians?

    3. Progressive Alliance vs Socialist International: Are the commentators too optimistic about the Progressive Alliance? Does the presence of social democrats in the Progressive Alliance align them with liberals and further brands them as third way? Is there a better alternative?

    4. Should we be more interested in the growth of social democracy outside of Europe in places such as the Americas, Asia, and Africa?

    I personally enjoyed the diversion to Latin America during the video. I think that the impact of an ideology like social democracy is much more interesting to hear about in contexts outside of Europe.

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