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Web Design Usability Statistics You Must Know [Infographic]

Web Design Usability infogaphic clearly highlight the latest business website design usability statistics.To help you improve different aspects of a web design, some valuable statistics are composed in this web design usability infographic compiled by GO-Gulf - a Dubai Website Design Company.

  • The real reason behind the collapse of small ventures and business prematurely in the eCommerce industry is the poor investment in websites. Businesses erect a website and expect everything else to take place magically. In several aspects of web design, usability is the cardinal issue that determines if the website has any prospects or not. Nearly 70% of online stores do not have proper call to action buttons while 85% of online users expect the websites to open on their hand held devices better than on their desktop or laptops.

    According to the latest survey, 47% of web users are oblivious to late loading of websites and expect the pages to load within 2 seconds or else they will abandon the site. Similarly, 44% of the visitors are likely to bounce off the website if no contact information has been shown on the site and 38% will not spend more time on a website if the content layout is dull and boring. The size of the website is also a factor because the statistics suggest that website with 51-100 pages have 48% more chance of generating traffic compared to other websites that have 1-50 pages to show. You can view more statistics from the infoghraphic compiled by the GO-Gulf Dubai website designing company.

  • Web Design Usability Infographic Web Design Usability Infographic

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