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Published 1 year ago by geoleo with 2 Comments

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  • sjvn

    I like YouTubeTV, but come on already! Ow!

  • NinjaKlaus

    I don't think it was any real secret this was going to eventually happen, much like regular cable they hook you early with lots of channels for cheap then they add more or have to negotiate a new carriage agreement and prices increase, it's what happens on cable every six months when they start running banner ads, Dish Network HATES YOU AND ARE REFUSING TO CARRY FOX SPORTS NETWORKS, SWITCH TO DTV!!! and then Dish runs an ad banner that says FOX SPORTS HATES YOU AND ARE ASKING FOR TWICE THE PRICE TO BRING YOU SPORTS, TELL THEM NO YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY MORE!!! Then they settle for a modest price increase the two will then pass on to consumers while they laugh it up.

    Cord Cutting options are the new cable tv. We already see this in not just YTTV but also in Netflix that constantly increased prices as the carriage agreements went up in price, and in Hulu and Amazon Prime, etc. Disney won't be content to sit at $7 a month, I imagine within a year they'll bump the price up to $10 and crow about how this is still a great deal and cost less than Netflix.

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