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Published 1 year ago by geoleo with 2 Comments

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  • StarFlower

    In the article it says there is a big push to video such as Instagram Reels, which is not always what viewers want. I think too many social media platforms are trying to copy TikTok and prioritize video, but if people want video they are already on TikTok anyway. The reason they're going to Instagram isn't for video. It's the same with Pinterest - it's trying to prioritize Idea Pins, which are videos, but I'm not on there to watch videos (if I was, I'd just use TikTok instead). So it's really frustrating trying to "dodge" the videos on Pinterest, and I suspect it's the same with Instagram.

    • Gozzin

      I don't like TikTok and don't use it cause I want nice,long,in depth videos,not five second snippets with crappy "music".

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