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Published 1 year ago with 1 Comments

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  • RoamingGnome (edited 1 year ago)

    I have no problem with this. If we are going to have concealed carry laws, it makes no sense that a place like a school would be off-limits. Bars and places where alcohol is served, yes. But a school? Why does that make a difference? I got my CCW over 20 years ago and I didn't understand why the law said I couldn't take my gun onto a campus then, and it still makes no sense.

    I quit carrying a gun a long time ago and don't even own one anymore. But, I support the 2nd Amendment for those who choose the exercise it. I actually support eliminating all guns, but that will never happen, so the next best thing, in my opinion, is for law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves from the animals. Personally, I moved away from the animals in the big city and haven't found the need for a weapon up here in the mountains of northern California. If someone needs weed so bad that they want to steal my plants, fuck it, I have plenty.

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