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  • Triseult (edited 8 years ago)

    The world has such a raging hard-on against ISIS right now that we're forgetting the roots of this conflict.

    ISIS made in-roads in Syria specifically because al Assad began violently repressing peaceful, democratic protests. Protects which the West turned a blind eye on because the status quo was preferable in Syria and a democratic Syrian state would be a challenge to Israel's moral high ground in the region.

    But now that ISIS has gained a foothold, al Assad is suddenly our ally of circumstance and we're cheering Russia on as they bombard targets that have more to do with propping up al Assad's positions than really eradicating ISIS. Not only that, but when they bomb ISIS positions they're raining bombs on the civilian populations that are held hostage by ISIS.

    But hey, we're killing terrorists, right? Go Putin!

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