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Published 5 months ago by geoleo with 3 Comments

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  • Gozzin

    I don't even use streaming services,still it grinds my gears how the general public is treated by corporations across the board.

    • StarFlower

      I don't use Disney, IMHO it has the worst choices of shows compared to other streaming companies. The prices seem high for what they are, but they're nothing compared to the daylight robbery that is cable! I'm so glad I don't have cable! I don't even know anyone who has it, it's just like regular TV but more channels so you still don't have it on demand.

      • Gozzin

        That's true. At one point,our housemate worked for Time Warner.We had 400 channels..Still,nothing worth watching. Throw in non stop ads,well,just not worth the aggravation.

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