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Published 8 years ago by frohawk with 7 Comments

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  • VoyagerXyX

    I am at work but I opened this on mute because I just couldn't wait. This is literally so good it will be my first Snapzu pin. I'm so excited to play it when I get home! :D

  • radixius

    Very, very interesting. I'll play with this a bit when I get home!

  • Csellite

    I love it! I'm trying so hard to make a good song now! Thanks so much for the website!

  • mattlbeck

    That was extremely fun. Its interesting how almost any combination of notes you can come up with seemingly sounds ok, especially when you get the rhythm right. http://seaquence.org/j8lf

  • Rhumanity

    I can spend faaaar too much time on this site lol thanks for the post, it's fun!

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