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Beware: Smoking Means a Ghostly Ghastly Slap in Brij Raj Bhawan, Kota!

Kota, known as an educational hub for aspiring students from all over the nation, is a calm and quite city located on the banks of River Chambal.

  • As per the live TV Rajasthan, the desert state in India, Rajasthan, has several hidden treasures. The name Rajasthan, literal translating to the land of kings, is known for the princely estates, palaces, forts, cities. Rajasthan hides in itself a rich history. This largest state in India has a history of kings, princes and princesses before Independence and after it as well. Several palaces, forts and fortresses have been well taken care of by the government, some others are now transformed into heritage hotels, while other lie ignored.

    The words kings, rulers, princesses, princes … all bring to mind politics, wars, rule, kingdoms, betrayal, murders, deaths … Now that Rajasthan has an abundant history with royals, we can be assured of some mystery hidden in this state. Well, yeah, the state, as per the Rajasthan news in Hindi, has huge tourist turnover not only because of the several forts and monuments, but also because of the haunted places here. Bhangarh, Rajasthan, immediately pops up in mind when we talk of haunted places in Asia. However, little lesser known place is Kota. Many of the readers here would surely be surprised to know of this new name in the list of most haunted place in India. Brij Raj Bhawan, Kota, Rajasthan.

    Kota, known as an educational hub for aspiring students from all over the nation, is a calm and quite city located on the banks of River Chambal. Kota latest news in Hindi says that the city is full of many unexplored places, forts, fortresses, few of which are known to be haunted. Brij Raj Bhawan, however, tops the list and is in competition for being the second most haunted place in India after Bhangarh.

    Brijraj Bhawan was earlier the palace of a Major Charles Burton, who had served Kota, but was later killed by Indian sepoys in the year 1857.

    Brijraj Bhawan Palace was home to Burton who was serving 40th Bengal Native Infantry and posted to Kota. Burton and his family stayed in this palace for around 13 years, before the outbreak of 1857 Mutiny. Kota local news reports that in the year 1857, Burton was posted in Neemuch, a town of Madhya Pradesh, where his family accompanies him. However, few months later, he along with his two sons returned to Kota on an invitation from the king of Kota. Burton and his sons reached back Kota on 13 December 1857. Burton was loved and he returned back the love of his people in Kota. However, not for long. After a few days of his stay in Kota, he was informed of a large army approaching the British Residency, Brijraj Bhawan. He assumed that the Maharaja of Kota was paying him a visit along with his men.

    Gradually nearing the residency, say a few reports from Kota daily news, the army surrounded the residency from all sides, few of them entering the Bhawan forcefully. Upon this, the Burtons found that their servants too had abandoned them. They soon refuge in a room built at the top of the residence, with whatever arms and ammunition they were left with. They fought the army and waited for the Maharaja to help them. The entire residency was looted, at the end of whole episode, Burton and his sons had to surrender to the mutiny soldiers, when they were shot dead there.

    The next year, as reported by Kota latest news in Hindi, in March 1858, Britishers came back to fight for the residency and won it back. The dead bodies of Burtons were disinterred and buried in Kota British Cemetery with all the due respect paid to them.

    However, post independence, the mansion was once again under the rule of the then-Maharaja of Kota. With due passage of time, when the rulers and their rules came to an end in India as initiated by the Government of India in the decade of 1970s, the building came under the governance of the then Rajasthan government who resurrected the building calling it Brij Raj Bhawan.

    Kota daily news informs that today, the Bhawan in under the wing of Heritage Hotels of India, which now takes care of the Bhawan. This princely hotel with a mysterious history is now a haunted destination, where the guests and the staff have secretly confirmed of ghost of Major Burton. Some of the guests to Brij Raj Bhawan complain of discomforting and oppressive feelings. The staff, too, has often complained of strange incidences, like some of them secretly saying that the night guards get slapped on being drowsy late in the night. There have also been reports of some mysterious voice instructing against smoking in the mansion.​


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