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Published 1 year ago by estherschindler with 3 Comments

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  • StarFlower

    The article was humorous and well-written. However, I still fail to see why anyone would really want a keyboard that costs more than about $40. Some of the keyboards featured in the article didn't even have a number pad on it (they're called 60% keyboards) which to me is a must. I honestly don't see what's wrong with a plain old basic standard keyboard, even after thoroughly reading the article.

    • Gozzin

      I agree...And if the keyboard is not basic ugly black,I don't care...I just wish they would get rid of the damn caps lock. On one keyboard,I got so annoyed,I removed the caps lock key.

      • StarFlower

        I totally agree - I'm not sure WHY we even need caps lock where it is. I guess just because that's the way it's been all those years. I vote to move it far off, like near one of the function keys or something. It's annoying when pressing it by accident, and it isn't used frequently enough to warrant its position near all the other keys.

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