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Published 6 years ago by eggpl4nt with 8 Comments

My rat, Pudge, pea fishing.

Something fun and easy to do on a hot day - fill up a bowl or pan with cool water and toss in a bunch of frozen peas. Have fun watching the rats fish them out. My other rat, Leeloo, was being typically lazy and stealing them from Pudge instead of fishing for herself.


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  • Gozzin

    HAHAHAH! Such a cutie.

    • eggpl4nt

      Haha, thanks! :) Pudge is the sweetest. She kept shaking water off her paws when they got wet and sometimes Leeloo would take the opportunity to steal her peas.

  • VoyagerXyX (edited 6 years ago)

    That's hilarious, I have to try this with my ratties when I get home! :) BTW that name, awesome!

    • eggpl4nt

      Thanks, haha! We named her because when we first got her she started taking and eating all the food. So we named her Pudge because we thought she was gonna be pudgy. But then we learned Leeloo was the true pudgy one!

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