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Published 8 years ago by eggpl4nt with 7 Comments

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  • wrmnthewoodwork

    I love making doilies like this. Such a nice way to snazzy up living quarters and protect your tabletops.

    I'm assuming you've finished your tail end? The way it's just dangling there is making my eye twitch. ;)

    • eggpl4nt

      I'm assuming you've finished your tail end?

      Ahahaha... Ahem... Yeah, funny thing... :P

      I have a problem with never weaving in my ends - I have a six square granny square blanket just sitting above my desk with yarn threads dangling off the ledge like jungle vines.
      I will get to it! Eventually.

      • wrmnthewoodwork (edited 8 years ago)

        Ah. So you have a little collection of crocheted sperm ;) .

        No worries. Eventually is the best time to get to things!

  • BlueOracle

    Very well done and lovely! I've never made a doily, but they're pretty.

    I'm so glad you've adopted /t/crochet! It was sadly neglected, and I'm pleased to see it get some love. I considered adopting it myself, but I already claimed /t/knitting. I'll try to add some content to /t/crochet as well. I love the new graphics you've added, very nice. Welcome to Snapzu! :D

    • eggpl4nt

      Aw, thank you kindly!

      Yeah, it was actually when I was making the doily post that I realized it was abandoned and that the chief hadn't been on in two years. I was like "Woah, what? Nonsense!"
      Now it can be tended to. :) Hope to see you around~!

  • Gozzin

    Pat yourself on the back. This is outstanding!

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