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Published 7 days ago by doodlegirl with 3 Comments

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  • AnitaClark

    I imagine their analysis shows this is a smart choice. These robotic dogs are kind of creepy in my opinion...maybe that is part of the appeal?

    • Gozzin

      Defiately creepy and ugly as a mud fence.

    • sashinator (edited 7 days ago)

      This is a short-term fiscally efficient choice

      however, the next logical step is to mount projectile weapons onto these sentries and program them to fire those at people “as a deterrent” (violating Asimov’s laws of robotics in the process as a side effect, as a “by the way”)

      I believe this... approach is leading us down an arms race path perhaps even riskier than nuclear weapons because it is both more gradually incremental and more deceptively benign but equally deadly on a mass scale and as easy to grow beyond our control

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