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The Six Basic Elements of a Logo Design

A logo- the most important and fundamental part of building up a brand's identity, revolves around a set of rules. The rules provide a basic ground to establish the design for making it appropriate. Read more below

  • A logo- the most important and fundamental part of building up a brand's identity, revolves around a set of rules. The rules provide a basic ground to establish the design for making it appropriate and note-worthy. To guide you more about creating a professional logo design focus on the basic six elements mentioned below:


    By using a line, one can enclose a part or outline an area of the design. Lines can be of many styles, smooth, thin, thick, broken, continuous or rough. Line send subliminal messages as well. A diagonal line has kinetic energy whereas a straight line is clean an in order. It is used to emphasis a point and for setting a particular information highlighted in a busy composition, which draws they eyes of the viewer towards it.


    Designs remain incomplete without filling them up with appropriate and catchy color scheme. It can never be an afterthought; it is the most important part of a compelling logo. Even a greyscale of the design requires to be adjusted. To create a captivating logo designers spend hours analyzing and choosing the right hue and pallet for their design. Every brand pick the color, which goes perfectly well with their brand identity. It needs careful examination of brand's value and core principles.


    We know every well what shapes are, as if our kindergarten teacher instructed us, a shape has corners; it is dimensional and is formed by lines. It is basically an enclosed surface like squares, triangle and rectangle. These are called geometric shapes. It could be the shapes required to incorporate for making speech bubbles and patterns.

    Professional designer implement innovative aspects while adding different patterns and shapes in his logo.


    Upon navigating the world around us, we will find textures over everywhere from left to right and top to bottom. Many designers incorporate eye-catching textures in their logo design to make it more relevant, mesmerizing and attention grabbing. For instance if one wants to project a soft look he can go for cotton textured background. Hence, textures add creativity in a design and make them more powerful.


    Framing looks subtle in the beginning but upon pondering more, one can find many aspects within a picture. It helps to organize pictures while creating a hierarchy. It highlights the most crucially important part of the information. It can be decorative and mesmerizing.


    It is an important part of the design because it completely and perfectly conveys the right message one wants to communicate and convey. However, the type can be more than words: whether you use it in an intentional way, moreover, the type can be a little striking visual element or it could be a shape, along with providing a structure between the content and its visuals.

    Therefore, these were the fascinating basic of every logo design. Stick to them and incorporate them in your strategic planning to generate prosperous results.


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