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Published 8 years ago by darvinhg with 4 Comments

The Odds Of Making It In the NFL


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  • septimine

    This is what disgusts me about college sports. They almost never get the college education. They're cheated through, they skip classes for practice and games, and they can't really get an education that way. Yeah, technically they have a diploma, but they learned nothing because they didn't have time to do that. Even worse is that they prey on poor kids who have no other options for education. They can't afford to say no. Then they graduate, get nothing from pro leagues, and have no skills because they were too busy with sports to go to class.

    Meanwhile, the school itself makes millions liscensing their name and image to clothing companies and video games. Not one penny will go to the kid who busted his ass on the field. That poor shlub goes home to a dead end job and poverty with nothing to show for it.

  • Chubros

    Yet they spelled "your" instead of "you're" in the first part of the paragraph below the stats.

    • orca9999

      LOL good catch.

      It wouldn't be that big a deal, except for the irony of it being about getting a college education.

      • Chubros

        Exactly. Maybe speaking from experience lol.

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