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Business analyst in Agile Development

  • Business Analyst in a Team of Software Developers

    Business analyst role in Agile

    A business analyst studies business processes, communicates with a customer and understands the subject area. The result of his work is a description of business processes. We can say that he is a carrier of knowledge about the subject area with which the team of software developers works. It also helps developers and product owners understand and describe the business area and the problems that need to be addressed through discussion.

    A business analyst helps the team determine how useful the requirements models are outside the life of the project. To make such decisions, it is necessary to take into account the efforts required to keep the model up to date and the value of the model after the project.

    If the model is needed only for a brief discussion, then to understand something, it is enough to save the picture from the board as a digital image. If the chart is used throughout the project or is expected to be needed after the project is completed, the team may decide to create a model using the modeling tool. This decision addresses the issue of creating the right amount of documents.


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