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Published 8 months ago by cone with 2 Comments

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  • sashinator

    Ah yes. Market correction. Thine will be done


    the year of the hindsight

    Hey maybe decades of unchecked predatory lending, Ponzi schemes and post-industrial vapor production wasn’t such a hot idea after all?

    Hey maybe all-credit, zero savings and trillion trade deficit from a single global currency doesn’t lead to stable, resilient economies?

    Hey maybe dumping plastic and nuclear waste into the ocean cannon be sustained indefinitely after all ?

    Hey maybe interdependent fossil fuel-based global logistic chains might be just a smidge too brittle to survive even the slightest disruption to operations?

    Hey maybe an unbridled urban sprawl and human reproduction have limitations after all?

    Hey maybe a delicate balance between ourselves and our habitat is more valuable than market indicators for Brent crude might suggest?

    Hey maybe electing a corrupt fucknut in bed with totalitarian regimes across the world to be a leader of the free world could have negative consequences and repercussions during a time of crisis after all?

    Hey maybe an uneducated populous on a daily diet of junk food, alcohol and hours of McContent, FUD news and commercials might be primed to elect just such a fuckwit?

    all these - and many more like these - could have more light shed on them in 2020: the year of the hindsight

    When investors all realize they have all been drinking their own Kool-aid on the same day - that’s called hindsight

    Yessir. 2020

    she’s-a comin’ round the mountain when she comes

    Why at this rate some people might even be arriving at the conclusion that adding another camera to a touchscreen device or another app that allows posting of selfies is kind of like designing a car with an extra wheel (or a Rolls-Royce SUV with suicide doors ) in a world where the only hope we have to survive is for everyone to catch the train. Yes, technically it’s innovative but alas it’s not the kind of innovation that will unlock any value

    there’s no lost value for tech’s top 5; merely the realization that there was very little value there to begin with beyond inflated expectations of a whole lot of resting on their laurels

    turns out the plants don’t need electrolytes electrolytes. Who knew?

    who knew that counting your chickens before they hatch from the same basket was such a poor form of planning ?

    In other words - it’s a giant shit-sandwich and we are all gonna have to take a huge bite out of it

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