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Published 1 year ago with 5 Comments

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  • imokruok

    This, as with the countless (anybody have a men of pop culture/celebrity/politician/media sexual assault/rape/pedophilia count so far? I've lost it...) is unspeakable and simply revolting. I hate reading/hearing/seeing all the coverage, it makes me sick and very angry, but I NEVER change the channel or stop reading because these women have found strength in their numbers and deserve our undivided attention. In a world that is often times very ugly, their bravery and resolve is something truly inspiring.

  • puntacanna

    Roy Moore is a bigot and a law breaker. I sincerely hope the people of Alabama do not elect him to Congress.

    • NinjaKlaus

      Even with the allegations, a poll this morning according to CNN was still showing the race 50/50.

      • AdelleChattre

        Biblical scripture being used to support pedophilia? Naw!

        • NinjaKlaus

          Breitbarters and Hannity, they are something else... quite frankly it's crazy Moore got this far with all his other scandals and for everyone to defend this one too, it's just skin crawling creepy, I agree with Romney today, just the allegation is enough for this person to be removed from the ballot. This isn't a court this is politics and just like some actors have been ousted just on allegation this creep should be too, then the damn AG of Alabama should do their job and investigate, but probably won't. All I can think about their use of Jesus and John's family is that if it was common 2000 years ago it must be ok today, they must be at the meetings screaming let's break out the slave chains. Also wasn't this fucker a judge; surely he knew about "age of consent" laws. Creeps me out.

          Also the Fox headline today was kind of blood boiling, Moore Scandal raises doubts about Bannon... they didn't have doubts before now!?!

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