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Published 5 months ago with 7 Comments

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  • ChrisTyler

    according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official

    Translation: "We're making this shit up as we go."

    The NY Times has absolutely zero credibility as a news organization, and they have long since lost the benefit of the doubt when it comes to anonymous sources.

    • AdelleChattre

      Somebody was hectoring me for not blindly accepting the Washington consensus reality recently — I think it was about U.S. support for Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria where they oppose the Syrian government — and at one point she said "Don't you think, if that were true, it would be on the front page of The New York Times?"

      I shouldn't've laughed so hard. And that's when the fight started.

      • archmagician (edited 5 months ago)

        Edward Snowden set the bar for me when it comes to this kind of stuff. He produced the documents and put his name out there. When I read this latest thing, I just filed it with the rest of the bullshit that is coming out lately. I'll gladly accept an anonymous source who provides verifiable documentation but until then it's just a bunch of "reports" from "officials familiar with the matter" so I'll disregard it all as nonsense until someone fronts up and produces something concrete. If Trump is as dangerous as he seems then it should be easy for someone to provide something of substance.

        • AdelleChattre

          Or even specify a law that’s been broken...

          • archmagician

            Yup. I'm an Englishman in Canada who views this all a light entertainment so have nothing vested in this but, good grief, with all the crap that comes out every day there must be one person with one piece of unequivocal proof to bring him down that will bring this shit show to an end.

      • AdelleChattre

        Gotta say, I noticed this got a downvote without a comment. I know we've got people around that haven't spent a lot of time at Snapzu so maybe it's worth repeating: it's better to leave a comment than a downvote. If you can't comment, maybe your downvote doesn't mean much. Let's not let this place turn into Reddit.

        • Boethius

          And yet, many people read only the title and upvote. You cannot deny that the "circlejerk" of everywhere else is present here too. Criticizing the critics who know this serves only to reinforce a cult of positivity that only reinforces easily believed narratives. "Innocent until proved guilty" is only true until a mob decides it isn't, and that is precisely what politicians desire. Only a few read comments, especially mobile browsers, and websites like this are now dominated by people who never look at comments.

          You can see this yourself, even here. It creates a rift where the few comments point out the inaccuracy or lies of an article, meanwhile the people at large reinforce their biases. The problem of Reddit is far deeper than people downvoting, it may be the opposite. The perpetual bias of those who blindly upvoted titles and never checked the comments created an atmosphere of despair, and eventually any critic will find something better to do with their time than waste effort writing insightful comments. You need to consider this, because without critics the world will march unbidden into madness.

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