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Published 5 months ago with 12 Comments
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  • maelstorm

    Whatever happened to "NO COLLUSION!?"

  • Nelson

    LOL did he just throw his own son under the bus and admitted the trump tower meeting was about getting dirt on Clinton from Russia all along???

  • happynjoyful

    OH don't mind Trump, just moving the goal posts for the 787834th time.

    • AdelleChattre

      I'm sure President Clinton'll be furious when she hears about this. Oh, wait.

  • kxh

    If he was trusting and working with a foreign government to help defeat the wishes of more than half of the American people, how is this not treason?

    • AdelleChattre (edited 5 months ago)


      Let's take a moment to note the crime you're alleging is, even in this strongest possible statement of what exactly that might possibly've been, entirely hypothetical. Not to say riven with the kind of prior assumptions one would expect from out-of-control mass hysteria.


      Trump's as crooked as any Mississippi sheriff, only not as clever. Say you wanted to nail this guy, and you had your pick of any of the crimes he commits on a daily basis to investigate and prosecute him for. As long as we're having flights of hypothetical fancy, why not pick a crime that could be proven? The Emoluments Clause comes to mind, which Trump's wildly offside of. He should've been impeached for that alone early last year. But, not coincidentally, Democrats have lost every branch of government. Democrats can only lose eight more state governments before Republicans get to draw up a new U.S. Constitution. So Democrats can't, in real life, do anything. At all. Let alone mount an impeachment in Congress. This is an ugly charade, just like Benghazi, just like Whitewater. Only this time, the stakes are real. Plus there's so much more bunting now,


      Saving you a bit of trouble, for the purposes of this conversation, let's say it goes down like this. Boris and Natasha put the briefcase labeled 'Secrets' on the conference table. Donald pulls out a wad of cash and starts making it rain, right in front of Dudley Do-Right. A little time spent on the usual evil cackling, light mustache twirling, and some dissing on popular American celebrities and much-cherished notions of fair play, truth and the American Way. That's the meeting. Okay. So stipulated.


      Is it illegal to be Russian? I guess it is, now. Funny how crucial demonization of the 'enemy' is, right? Not "ha ha" funny. Sad, how obvious that dehumanization is outside of those toxic bubbles.

      I'm American, and I consider Russia a key ally. But then, I live on Earth in the 21st Century, too. Ruinous U.S. foreign policy, fighting the Global War on Terror on the side of terrorism, celebrating the end of the First Cold War by massing forces on Russian borders, and campaigning for president on a "muscular foreign policy" of war with Russia, makes that hard to see sometimes judging solely by the corporate-controlled Establishment media.


      Oh boy. Here it comes. He was already trusting these civilian-clothed, non-human Russian devils? And now there's more?


      This. Is. Not. Normal.


      Maybe we got it wrong before. Maybe it wasn't "Vladimir K. Putin in Trump Tower with Hillary's emails." You can't nail jelly to a tree. The RussiaGhaziPalooza story changes, like any highly-fetishized fever dream, as, where and when it needs to because it's hopeless nonsense anyway. Sometimes, though, Trump's not the bottom. Sometimes it's Donald Trump, Russian deep-cover superspy top using his awesome powers of hacking and wanton, open corruption in government to do what the Soviet Union never could hope in a million workers' paradises to do, defeat Hillary Clinton. Never clear whether Boris and Natasha needed Comrade Trump's permission to sow doubt in loyal Americans' helpless minds, testing their infinite faith in our perfect, flawless democratic system; or whether Trump needed the personal say-so of V. "The Impaler" Putin before launching his hacking and cracking spree, so fill in whatever details get you off. Let's say it's every bit as sexy as you need it to be.


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      • kxh (edited 5 months ago)

        Heh! I used to be a Rocky and Bullwinkle fan too!

        Also I don't disagree with anything much you said. We are so screwed. And by we I mean the world.

  • thedevil

    Do his supporters even give a shit? He’s straight up lying to all of our faces and treating everyone like idiots, especially them.

    • AdelleChattre

      Tell you this much: I'm radically opposed to Trump, and if this is what passes for #TheResistance, make yourself comfortable. It's going to be this way for a very, long, time.

  • weekendhobo

    I thought it was about adoptions? Make up your mind man.

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