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Published 8 years ago by carpenoctem with 4 Comments

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  • MrY

    Yea too many things use flash

    • sarcasimo

      Like all of those web games I grew up playing on Kongregate and Newgrounds.

      I need my Kitten Cannon!

      • MrY

        mhmm, I remember that game. Raze 2 was mygoto game back in the day

  • kimkam120

    There are definitely a ton of things running flash that basically support normal people that don't even know what flash is. You have business's still running Windows XP even though support has gone out and Microsoft has told them to jump ship, some just won't or can't update their systems. I wouldn't be surprised to find out how many systems rely on this outdated technology where getting the changes approved up the ladder just won't happen.

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