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Published 7 years ago by canuck with 2 Comments

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  • rti9

    Would it really be a challenge? APM, multi-tasking, and micro-managing would mean nothing to a machine. A machine could probably do scouting like no human has ever done before. Maybe a more interesting challenge would be a group of different and independent (unconnected) AIs trying to play as a team on a game like League of Legends or Dota2.

    Chess and go were fascinating challenges because they give an opportunity to humans think on these classic over-a-thousand-years-old turn-based games.

    Interesting how these games are probably landmarks in the history of the evolution of AI.

    • MrVelveteen

      I totally agree that Starcraft II might not be a great benchmark. Between perfect multitasking and a huge micro advantage, an AI with imperfect macro strategies could still be made very, very hard to beat.

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