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Published 5 years ago by canuck with 7 Comments
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  • canuck

    Meh I wanted Tampa Bay to win. Chicago is too greedy,. let someone else win it.

    • timex

      There's always next year...

  • Splitfish

    Watched every game, Chicago wanted it more and deserved it. I found it ridiculous that no team this series ever had more than a 1 goal lead until the last game in the last 5 min.

  • messi

    Regardless of who you were rooting for, to see the Stanley Cup shine as it's lifted in the air is a deeply soul-stirring moment. Congrats to both teams.

  • junglman

    That 2nd CHI goal was pure talent. I want watch the replay over and over without it getting tiring.

  • hedman

    Congratulations to the Blackhawk fans, your team is pretty awesome. Three cups in six years. Unreal.

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