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Published 5 years ago by caelreth with 2 Comments

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  • skolor

    Fully agree with this. When I was discussing the show with people I work with, we ended up arguing over the Blackberry signalling incompetence line. My argument was simple: who do you know that actually uses a blackberry today? Every single one of them I know is extremely competent, and is using the device because they've been using a blackberry for a decade and know it inside and out.

    • AinBaya

      Yeah. I'm not sure what the context is behind that line but I do know that my father used a blackberry for many many years along with everyone else in his company because it was mandated at as business phone. They all knew exactly how to use it and had all beat brick breaker at least twice. Lots of companies opted for them because they were secure and practically made for large networks of business people.

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