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Published 1 year ago by bradd with 4 Comments
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  • AnitaClark

    Great news for consumers but what will replace cookies? I can't imagine they will let this entirely go since ad revenue is a huge moneymaker.

    • kxh

      I think they have already been using fingerprinting. They probably plan to use their AI to strengthen their fingerprinting abilities. It's much harder to get around fingerprinting for most people.

    • StarFlower

      Excellent question. They seemed to be careful not to say, but I'm predicting it will be session storage variables or browser storage variables (both of which already exist). So it's basically just a similar (but not identical) technology with a different name.

      • Gozzin (edited 1 year ago)

        Agreed. They won't kill the golden goose,but they will keep it in their own back yard and not let other geese in.

        When shared with advertisers, the data enable predictions about which ads the individual would find relevant.

        I don't find any ads relevant.

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