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Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Straddling the California-Nevada border, Heavenly affords views of both the Lake Tahoe Basin and Carson Valley befitting of it's name.

  • Mountain Facts

    Elevation, base – 6,540 ft (1,993 m)
    Elevation, top – 10,067 ft (3,068 m)
    Vertical Drop – 3,500 ft (1,067 m)
    Skiable Area – 4,800 acres
    Number of Trails – 86
    Number of Lifts – 30

  • Getting there

    Heavenly is one of the largest resorts in North America, but acts more like two connected mountains. Your first decision is to settle on which side to ski. California offers more beginner friendly runs, and the legendary views of Lake Tahoe Heavenly is known for. Head to the California Lodge. If it's intermediate or expert skiing you are looking for, find your way to one of three lodges that service the Nevada side; the South Lake Tahoe gondola is a great and quick way to get on the mountain, but if the weather or crowds make the gondola unpractical, the Boulder and Stagecoach lodges are just up Kingsbury grade (state route 207).

    On the mountain


    Take the Arial Tram or Gunbarrel Express up. Under you is The Face, and Gunbarrel, Heavenly's famous mogul run. Off the right side of Powderbowl Express are the Powderbowl Woods and a great place to start if you're looking to do some tree skiing. Head up Canyon Express for park riding in High Roller Park, or Sky Express to ski scenic Ridge Run or the Skyline Trail to make it over to the Nevada side of things.


    Once you've departed the gondola, you'll need to head up Tamarack Express, then follow signs to East Peak Lodge. East Peak Lodge makes a good base to get a lot of intermediate skiing in via Comet Express and Dipper Express chairs. East of here is the Mott Express lift, servicing expert-only Mott and Kilbrew Canyons. Headed around the actual "East Peak", make a note of the top of Olympic Express, we'll come back to this later. Ski left and you'll find the best tree skiing if snow conditions allow, in Nevada Woods. Regardless of where you are in Nevada, ski low enough and you'll find yourself at one of the lodges; avoid Boulder if only for the slow North Bowl chair. Back at the top of Olympic, look around for a gate with warning skull & crossbones. This is the Firebreak gate, and you are now leaving Heavenly proper and are on your own. Firebreak is so named for the burnt section facing the lake, and skiing down it on a powder day is a must and something most visitors to Heavenly will not get the chance to do. Just be aware you'll have a bit of a hike when at the bottom to get back to the gondola.

    What to ski


    1. Boulder Bowl
    2. Maggie's
    3. Enchanted Forrest


    1. Olympic Downhill
    2. Ridge Run
    3. Powderbowl Woods
    4. Perimeter
    5. Big Dipper


    1. The Face
    2. Pinnacles


    1. Firebreak (see video below)
    2. Mott/Kilbrew Canyons
  • Warren Miller

  • Firebreak

  • Trail Map

    2014-2015 Heavenly Ski Resort Trail Map 2014-2015 Heavenly Ski Resort Trail Map
  • Driving Directions


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