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  • Understanding the Different Facets of Mindful Marketing

    At this day and age, professionals deal with tons of e-mails and are often overloaded with information. This is particularly true for marketers who have to learn new platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest every now and then. Aside from doing everything a marketer does, they also need to come up with a social media strategy and analyze large volumes of data. The pressure can be intense so there is the need to study the different aspects of mindful marketing and mindful selling to foster a fruitful future.

    Over the years, the Western world has embraced yoga, Buddhism, and meditation. This isn’t religion for corporate professionals, but a means to train their minds and stay focused. Marketers have to choose between being proactive and strategic to being reactive to external stimuli. This is the reason why you can find a lot of mindfulness movements in companies like LinkedIn, Google, Target, and General Mills.

    What is a conscious entrepreneur?

    A conscious entrepreneur can easily spot an order taker. An order taker is a person who only focuses on fixing yesterday’s problems and the issues he or she would face from the inbox today.

    With mindful marketing, it becomes necessary to ask the important questions. Mindfulness and business come hand in hand. It is mindfulness in business that takes an entrepreneur to places.

    Conscious entrepreneurs engage in mindfulness programs for business that bring in priceless mindfulness business benefits which can help the company prosper even more.

    As a conscious entrepreneur running a mindful company, you should always ask yourself what is next, or how can you do things in a different, much better way. In most cases, changing people’s expectations is far beyond our control, as well as the amount of e-mails we receive and the resources needed to achieve our goals. What we are allowed to control are our reactions. There are many ways for us to stay, pause, prioritize, center ourselves, and find wisdom in one’s circumstances.

    All these make up what is known as genuine competitive advantage. This particular mindset is more powerful than sales automation, and highly competitive marketing strategies and tools.

    How to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and increase clarity of thought? Find out more here on mindful marketing

  • Mindfulness in Business


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