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Published 4 years ago by aj0690 with 4 Comments
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  • Fuyu

    ISIS is giving off a very "North Korea" feel with their Chihuahua complex. I may not be following this all very closely but I can't imagine a terrorist group being able to stand up against even one or two major powerhouse countries, let alone the entire world.

  • blitzen

    Will ISIS please anger the Mexican cartel?

  • Lievren

    I know these repugnant murder-minded people have a broad and specific intent to engage everyone who is not them as against them with brutal hostility, but I somehow couldn't help but feel particularly affronted to see Mexico on the hit list. Seriously they are a world away and have enough is enough already to deal with --atrocities on the daily of the likes of which the worst of Daesh would cringe to behold and then would probably perversely aspire to... Perhaps this is me attempting to reason the unreasonable, but I just can't figure how/why Mexico is even on their radar???

    • Appaloosa

      Everybody that is not them is on the radar. They are against all nonbelievers so that the world fights them, reaching the Apocalypse from which they will arise victorious on the side of God. This dovetails nicely with what Christian Zionists want, End Times, but of course God is on their side.

      Religious zealots....all whackos.

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