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Published 3 years ago with 8 Comments

Anyone else watching Titansgrave?

  • So a couple of weeks ago Wil Wheaton's webshow, Titansgrave the ashes of valkana, started. I have been watching every week since it came out. It has been, in my opinion, a great demonstration of what tabletop rpg can look like when done well, with so much immersion on the part of the players and DM. The system they use, created by Wil and his team, also has a simple mechanic system which allows people, with little experience in the genre, a great insight as to the idea behind how such games work without feeling overwhelmed.

    It's now on chapter 8 and I believe there are supposed to be 10 in total so next weeks will be the penultimate chapter. So I was thinking it would be interesting to get the view of others here who have been watching it. And if you haven't been, I recommend you do if you have any interest in rpg tabletop.

    Examples of things I'd be interested to hear from you...

    -What do you think Wil and/or the players do well or badly in creating story immersion?

    -What aspects of the story you finding most enjoyable/ frustrating/sad/exciting/etc?

    -Who is your favourite character and why?

    -What are your thoughts on the latest episode, what do you think will happen in the next? (USE SPOILER COVER IF YOU ANSWER THIS)

    Essentially share anything you want to discuss about the show and I'm interested to hear about it.

    Edit Apologies, I meant to post to /t/gaming rather than /t/games. I believe I have fixed it now.


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  • mtnrg

    5 gold and a party! I've fallen behind, only upto ch. 5. Got to catch up.

    I'm enjoying the way Wil is unfolding the world and I enjoy them just interacting with Valkana.

    My favorite is Ankia(Hank Green's character) because of his dry humor, In truth I like all of them.

    Haven't seen the latest, probably catch up this weekend

    • Wenjarich

      "5 gold and a party! 5 gold and a party! 5 gold and a party! "


      I kind of envy your unwatched episodes :P I agree, Ankia is a great character, I feel there's na lot of story potential with her and her little bot! Although, she does a couple things in the later episodes that frustrate me. :P but I'll leave that till a later discussion when you have caught up haha

  • Wenjarich

    I'll also share my thoughts. .

    On the first one, from the side of the players, I think a great way they build up the immersion of the game, is that, having set other side quests and interests for each character other than tbe main story, they all seem to make a concerted effort to not just keep in mind their own goals but also those of the other characters. They also make a concerted effort to react how they would imagine their characters would react to important personal things, like for example, with regards to the brother, and how not only the relevant player reacts but how they all react i accordance. There have been moments in the show, who was just a spectator, was almost moved to tears. Wil is also an amazing contributor to this, also making an effort of the personal back stories of characters and often asking a player, "what does your character feel about this?" Or encouraging them to explain how certain no combat events/actions unfold allowing for a feeling of a living world and real characters.

    I think all four characters are nicely fleshed out with their own identities, strengths and flaws that make them all fun to watch unfold. They all have aspects that I'd like to find out more about but my favourite souldwould be a toss up between Lemley and S'lethkk. Lemley because I can't help but laugh at her clear childlike wonder and inability to not say everything that pops in her mind, while at the same time being such a hardcore fighting badass who can literally punch through metal doors. Dr Labotomy is also a pretty funny idea for a weapon and I'm also really interested in finding out more about her parents. S' lethkk on the other hand has that whole thing going on with how he aquired magic and I'd love to learn more about that situation. I also like the contrast he creates against Lemley, as a reserved thinking type. I also can't help feel for his rolling as I always feel the same with mine.

    I've tried to avoid anything story related for now as I don't know how to hide spoilers while on my phone. :P look forward to hearing other people's thoughts

  • jim85214

    I just starting watching this. I can't believe how much I enjoy watching a group of people RolePlay. I mean I get playing, but wouldn't have thought I could enjoy a show like this. The world looks fantastic too.

    • Wenjarich

      I must say, I was a little surprised myself, however watching how they get into it and really connect with their characters really helps me to be pulled into the story.

  • Zeus

    I really like the sound of the mechanics, the way an unusually lucky dice-roll results in some legendary event that NPCs will talk about for years to come.

    Wheaton's "old lady voice" is pretty funny.

    • Wenjarich

      Yes that is a really nice mechanic and I like how they really takenit seriously, the player gets to discribe hownit goes down and then Wil takes the time to discribe someone retelling it in the future :)

      Wil is a great DM, he does some rather fun voices through out the show. I would let Wil DM me anytime, anywhere. :D

      • Zeus

        Yeah! If they held a contest where the winner got to sat in on a game I would totally enter. :D

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