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Published 6 years ago by VoyagerXyX with 2 Comments

Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Case Western Reserve University

While Microsoft is making job cuts and restructuring their business to better compete, they’re still hard at work at some cool new technology. Microsoft posted a HoloLens video on YouTube yesterday that demos how it can be used to train doctors. HoloLens allowed the students to walk around a 3D model of the human body that showed how bones, muscles and organs function, this eliminates the need to cut into cadavers. Check out the video below.


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  • daemonk

    One of the complaints I read from journalists who tested out the hololens was that only a small rectangular portion of your view screen has objects overlaid on top. There were snippets of this video that showed how large that rectangular screen is. I wonder if microsoft will eventually make it so your entire field of vision has overlaid objects.

    Is it a hardware issue? Hard to project on a curved screen or perhaps a rendering resolution issue?

    • VoyagerXyX

      I'm sure it's a hardware limitation that will work it self out by v3 or v4 if the product is successful.

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