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Published 3 years ago with 0 Comments
  • eL Seed is a graffiti artist like no other- he never paints a single image. In all his pieces, you will see patterns and lines, cavorting and intertwining, but you will never see a human, or an animal, or anything other than the lines. Why is this? It could be the fact that he is of Arabic heritage. But the more compelling reason is that his graffiti isn't just art- it's a message. He paints his own brand of graffiti, an elaborate combination of Arabic script and convoluted yet beautiful line patterns to form intricate images that actually do say something if you focus (and know Arabic). He calls his style "calligraffiti"- a mixture of calligraphy and graffiti, which basically sums up what he does.

    Another striking feature of his art is that he paints it anywhere- whether it's in a well-exposed place like the Jara Mosque minaret in south Tunisia, or the only concrete wall in a Philippi slum in South Africa. It ties in well with his ubiquitous message of peace and prosperity worldwide since he is literally painting worldwide. His message of hope and peace can now reach millions, and it's still as beautiful as ever. For Seed, it's all about changing how people think to something more pacific and generous, changing them to be more accepting of other cultures, and best of all- teaching them to open their hearts.

    Graffiti doesn't always have to be rebellious, but it doesn't have to be conformist, and it can certainly be more than mere tag on a wall- eL Seed and the countless other street artists advocating peace and art have proven this.


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