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  • 5 Things Buyers Want in a House

    Buyers want a great kitchen.

    Even if they don't cook very often, a great kitchen with easy space, practical storage and a good entertainment space is definitely on their list.

    Garage space.

    Not everyone uses their garages to the full capacity but homes without a garage just don't get as many looks or offers as those that do. You don't need a three or four car garage, but somewhere to keep valuables, and large storage items is often required.

    A great neighborhood.

    If you are right down the street from a local Trader Joe's or Starbucks, chances are your home will sell faster but a great neighborhood where people really get along, it might be quiet so that kids can bike or play on the sidewalk, all matter to an attractive neighborhood.

    Practical layouts.

    There's not a whole lot you can do with a property that just has an impractical layout but focusing on what your home does have can be a better option. A practical layout meaning there are an appropriate amount of bedrooms, there usually at one side of the house or upstairs versus the living areas downstairs, and the appropriate amount of bathrooms all play a huge factor as to what buyers are looking for.

    Outdoor entertainment area (without being too high maintenance).

    You might have a great backyard but if buyers see it as a huge high maintenance pain in the butt, they may steer clear of it even though it's pretty to look at. Having a great outdoor entertainment space with low maintenance landscaping is really what buyers desire.


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