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COVID-19 Real Estate Advice From Experts

The uncertainty of buying or selling real estate right now seems a bit scary but so many agents and brokerages are doing all they can to keep people safe and ensure successful transactions for buyers and sellers. Here is some of the advice from agents and Realtors® across the country.

  • How Homeowners Can Help Market Their Home During the Virus - Kelli Howison

    Did you put your house on the market right before this virus broke out? Now you are thinking, what are we going to do? How are we supposed to sell our house now?

    Well, one good thing is that people still need to buy and sell a house. For the same reason you need to sell, someone else needs to buy. It might be a little scary right now not knowing how you’ll even get buyers in the door, but trust me, people still need to buy and sell real estate during this time. So what can homeowners do and how can we protect ourselves during this COVID-19 outbreak? Read More: https://kellihowison.com/home-seller-tips/how...-can-help-market-their-home-during-the-virus/

  • Can You buy a House Completely Online? - Frank Tinsley

    It’s really weird times right now, but, some markets and industries need to go on like the real estate industry. People that have their homes listed before this all happened and those that need to buy and move in still are a priority. While the industry may have slowed slightly, buying and selling a home still becomes a reality for many Americans. So, can you buy a house completely online?

    There are so many advancements to technology these days that you literally can get a loan from your smartphone, do everything via electronic signatures and email, look at virtual tours and the Google Street view of a particular neighborhood, and communicate all online or over the phone.

    The answer is a vibrant YES! You can buy a home completely online.

    Read More by Quorum Realty Group: https://www.quorumrealtygroup.com/sellers/can-you-buy-a-house-completely-online/

  • How to Learn About a Neighborhood Without Being There - Stevie 'D'

    One of the biggest determining factors of purchasing a home is its location. No matter what the home looks like, if it is in the wrong neighborhood it will sit on the market longer. So how can you tell if the house you are interested in is in a good neighborhood when you currently live to far away to go see it in person? Here are some great ways to get a feel for and learn about a neighborhood when you can’t visit it.

    Read More: https://www.homesbystevied.com/home-buying/ho...arn-about-a-neighborhood-without-being-there/

  • Hawaii's Great Plan to Stabilize the Economy

    Hawaii’s Plan to Stabilize the Economy

    I am amazed and quite proud of our economy for doing the very best we can to come up with creative ideas to keep business is open, stabilize the economy, and work together to support our local community as well as the national community. While we might see a little bit of a dip in real estate because of this, I don’t feel it’s going to take as hard a hit as many people expect. Yes, listings have been pulled from the market and buyers are a little more hesitant, but you can still buy and sell real estate during this time.

    So, what is Hawaii’s plan to recover the economy? Read More https://liveonthebigisland.com/homeowners-updates/hawaiis-plan-to-stabilize-the-economy/

  • How to Sell a House During the Virus - Rugg Realty

    This is a very uncertain time but regardless of the media, there are a lot of reports that we are flattening the curve and things are looking better out there. If you've been on the fence about selling your home, there is some good news. Real estate is an essential service and people still need to buy a property and sell their property so you shouldn't be fearful if you need to sell your Sun City property.

    Read More: https://www.ruggrealty.com/blog/can-i-still-sell-my-house-during-virus/

  • Tips for Renegotiating Your Rent During the COVID-19 Outbreak - Pam Pester

    Given the unprecedented and almost total shutdown of businesses due to COVID-19, many tenants will be unable to make their rental payments in the next several months. Here in Tampa Bay, we are seeing a willingness on the part of some landlords to negotiate short term reductions and in some cases, abatement of rent. Much of the landlord’s ability to negotiate will depend on the landlord’s own debt burden if any and its ability to renegotiate with its lender. Publix, the largest employee-owned company in the US owns many of its shopping centers outright. Publix recently announced that it will offer two months of rent abatement to tenants in its shopping centers who have closed due to COVID-19. Most commercial landlords do not own their properties outright and they will thus be limited by existing loan covenants and their own lender’s willingness to negotiate.

    Read More: https://mobiliticre.com/2020/04/06/tips-for-renegotiating-rent-due-to-covid-19/

  • Best Tips for Marketing Your Home Online - Nicole Hansen

    The marketing of a home for sale has changed significantly over the past 15 years as buyers began using the Internet more and more. In fact, now 97% of home buyers begin their search online rather than in a newspaper or riding through neighborhoods looking at signs. That’s why it is so important that your online marketing is up to par.

    Here are some marketing tips to help your home stand out so potential buyers will come see it in person.

    Read More: https://www.newnwindianalistings.com/blog/best-tips-marketing-your-home-online/

  • 100% Zero Contact Mortgages are Now Being Utilized

    So many real estate procedures are already online so it only makes sense to digitize it all the way. Now, you can get a mortgage, shop for rates, apply online, send all documents electronically and even sign digitally. Even when a notary is required, there are several ways many lenders are complying. We have unique ways of setting up Zoom meetings and online meetings to proof identity so that you can still close on a home without ever having to come in contact with another human being.

    Now, of course this is not the norm and we won't have to do this forever but it does give some peace of mind to those that just can't leave their homes until it's time to move. We can electronically transfer all proof of income documents, signatures and the like so everyone, including those in the industry stay safe.

    Kris Swierz, Lynnwood WA Condo Agent, has been helping folks in the Seattle area for years and would love to help anyone looking to buy or sell during this time.


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