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Published 5 months ago with 10 Comments

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  • Appaloosa

    Kids, just stay home and watch video games and pretend there is no such thing as aggression, unfairness, competition, success, failure, chance, luck. Just play video games and let somebody else deal with reality. Pillow fights are also forms of dominance.

    • sashinator


      Fair comment but (jokes aside) dodgeball does, in fact, explicitly encourage violence, exclusion and degradation

      Also you could learn about aggression, unfariness, competition, success, failure, chance and luck from playing video games you just won't get a good cardio workout

      • Appaloosa

        I played dodgeball as a kid, and it is pretty brutal, its a game of elimination for sure. Funny enough, of all the elimination games I played, and the one I feared the most, a room full of kids standing around, watching somebody lose their place, the dreaded musical chairs!

        • AdelleChattre

          There's so much more to learn from dodgeball. About yourself, friends, the indifferent, bullies. You're right to mind musical chairs. Seemingly nothing to learn there but treachery.

  • kimware87

    Part of Sport is Competition and Performance, I have played Dodgeball as a kid and have noticed 2 Types of Game:

    1. Competitive and Fun

    2. Competitive and Aggressive

    I noticed it all comes down to the behavior of the players and how the Overseer facilitates the games. I remember playing a very aggressive game leading to bullish and vulgar words are being thrown around. Our Facilitator paused the game and reminded everyone of the essence of the game more particularly he said " Your objective is to eliminate your opponent by hitting them with the ball not by belittling or bullying them". It all just comes down to the facilitator and the players.

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