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  • Gozzin

    I'm not wild about :"Have a blessed day" either.

    “Our results suggest that thoughts and prayers for others should be employed selectively,” researchers wrote. “While Christians value such gestures from fellow believers, nonreligious people negatively value such gestures from Christians.”

    Hurricane Florence brought misery to North Carolina last year when it tore through, claiming at least 43 lives and causing about $24 billion in damage. Severe flooding turned the coast into a contaminated wasteland, and caused excessive breeding among frogs and mosquitoes

    Why would frogs be "excessive"? I like frogs and love hearing them at night..Oct. 3rd,2018, I flew out of New Bern NC to Huntsville AL never to return. My two housemates still live there and the house is pretty much repaired..But I'd had enough.

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